Our dogs are our family, we want for them what we want for ourselves, to be happy. When I set out to design a better jacket for our dog Yeti, I knew that jacket had to fit his big character and personality. We designed a jacket that would protect him from wind, water and cold because we take our dogs everywhere with us, camping, hiking, biking and even road trips to visit the ocean.

Pearl Snap Pups started with the idea to design dog wear around the Pearl Snap, a strong fastener that has a long history of style and function in the American West. The Pearl Snap is a uniquely American symbol that personifies the spirit of The West, The Explorer, The Rebel, The Musician, The Outdoorsman and The Nature Lover. We knew that every time we put a pearl snap on our product we were branding it with a history of style that would match the big personality and spirit of every dog that wears our brand.

Pearl Snap Pups prides itself on quality and comfort that you can trust. We create every Pearl Snap product with innovation and quality first, followed by comfort and dependability. The bonus is that our products are a snap to put on or take off.

When we set out to build a better dog coat, we had no idea the journey this would take us on. It has brought us closer to our dogs, our family and our community. We are passionate about giving our dogs the very best and we know that you are too.

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